Ceres Platinum





As athletes, we are used to having a team to support our efforts and work on the field for success. However, off the field we don’t often have support that represents and works for us beyond our athletic success. Ceres Platinum is tailored for women athletes currently playing and retired as well as executives that want a team to assist their post sports finances and career. 


Wealth Management/Development

As athletes, we understand winning. Ceres Platinum wants to assure that you win in your financial life as well. We understand the dangers of bad financial advice, no financial guidance and a lack proper planning. Our financial programs and partners have been carefully and caringly reviewed as to offer some of the best financial resources available for planning, investment and wealth strategies. 


Financial Services

You have worked hard for your success in and out of the field of play. Ceres Platinum provides a variety of custom resources to help keep your financial goals in site and you focused on your career. From accounting that understand the unique elements of athletes to financial life management that includes bill payments, budgeting and savings so that you can focus on winning on the field or in the board room.


Media Career Management

The team at Ceres has a proven track record in front of and behind the camera. The companies founders have success in working in the media and in developing opportunities for women athletes. From identifying possible roles in media to coaching on making those successful, the Ceres Platinum team is poised to support that possible transition. 


Event Career Management

We have partnered with leading executive placement services that appreciate the value that women athletes bring to their business roles and board rooms. Paired with the Ceres Platinum team and the extensive network that exists, we help navigate the transition from athlete to executive and assist with the executives as they further their career.


Brand Strategy / Marketing

Ceres Platinum provides brand strategy and marketing for our clients personal brands and business entities. With a full suite of services ranging from strategy, consulting to marketing and creative resources. The team and tools are provide to help our clients stand out if its an endorsement, media opportunity, business venture or elevating your brand stature.