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Our Story



As founders of the company, we had played at and achieved at the highest levels of our sport. Our athletic careers took us from college athletics, the professional game and onto representing the United States at the World Cup and winning Olympic gold.

When we decided to leave the playing field, we didn’t anticipate some of the new challenges in store for us. All of a sudden, we were playing a new game but didn’t have the right team put together and were lacking a game plan and a “team”.

We spent our athletic and professional careers looking to win on the field. When we stepped away from the game we realized that our trainers, teammates, coaches and agents weren’t there to help us in the next phase of our lives.  We didn’t have the right people, the best advisors and those that could be trusted to advise us properly. Both of us have been burnt by the people that we put our faith and finances into. Ceres was created to protect our “teammates”, the athletes and now the executives that need a trusted resource that has researched, vetted and partnered with the best. We are here to support you.

Ceres was the Roman Goddess of Agriculture and the company is named appropriately for all of our Goddesses as we help the growth of their financial success, career advancement and lives.

By going through this journey, we were able to see the gaps and issues so that we could support other female athletes and not only prevent them from making costly mistakes but accelerate their success.


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